It’s here everybody! We almost have all of our models lined up for this year and our studio is so excited to announce some events that you will NOT want to miss. Like our Looks of 2015-2016 Fashion Show on April 30th! Details coming soon!

We’ve had some fun sessions that are short and sweet and full of insane talent! When I say insane talent, I mean literally……… INSANE! (In an awesome way of course!) Meet Hannah, she’s a junior at Slinger High School, an incredibly talented singer, and most of all has beauty just pouring inside and out of her. This was a fun session because we literally just played around with fun poses and lighting until we got the look we were going for. We didn’t know what that look was until we got it I think! Makeup artist Nola Kahn did just an incredible job and everything just clicked!

We can’t wait for more sessions!

Haanah_bw_web_7 HANNAH_FAVE_BW_WEB hannah_mrozak_web_wm_fave

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We have an AMAZING model program at Danah Zoulek Photography and I will never deny that we have the most fun and beautiful people that grace our studio! One of the downfalls to being an artist and running a business is that sometimes the art takes over the business. Well, I had about 5 models this year senior season who I just couldn’t rush through. Jade, for obvious reasons, is one of them! Her gallery is gorgeous and so is she! I hope BQ8A0398 BQ8A0404 BQ8A0412 BQ8A0448-Edit BQ8A0451 BQ8A0476 BQ8A0491 BQ8A0508 BQ8A0536 BQ8A0538 BQ8A0576 BQ8A0577 BQ8A0582 BQ8A0590 BQ8A0605 BQ8A0611 BQ8A0628 BQ8A0642 BQ8A0646 BQ8A0650 BQ8A0652 BQ8A0663you enjoy her images as much as we do!



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This year we had the opportunity to have our family fall minis at the Holy Hill Art Farm in Richfield, WI! The leave were beautiful and market was just bouncing with artists. The first day we shot there it rained but to my joy all of my clients still wanted their pictures taken! It was so worth it because everyone’s images turned out so beautiful. Here are just a few highlights from the MANY adorable moments!

aylah_skip aylah babyface caroline2 DZP_3706-Edit jack lauren_Jack zarling_fam zarling Josephine joss mini_fallleaf natnatalie_lab

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    STEP 1 - Select your session

    Mini ..... $100
    30 minutes, 10 proofs to choose from

    2 Hour...... $200
    Unlimited locations and outfit changes, 40 proofs to choose from

    4 Hour...... $300
    Fully Stylized, Professional Makeup, Unlimited Locations and Outfit Changes

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    5 Images with the print release.............. $450
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    50 wallets
    Your Choice of an 8x8 Layflat Album or a 16x24 Wall Print (Canvas, Acrylic, or Metal)
    Web Share Sized Digital Files for Sharing on Social Media
    10 Poses

    25 Gift Prints (up to 8x10)
    100 wallets
    10x10 Layflat Album
    Wall Print Collection (Canvas, Acrylic, or Metal) (up to 4 pieces)
    Web Share Sized Digital Files for Sharing on Social Media
    20 Poses

    Add a Digital Collection to any Print Collection and Take 50% off of the Digital Collection Price