So, it’s no secret to anyone that I am terribly unorganized and this costs me valuable time. Time I could be spending with my family, my pets, going on vacations etc. Seriously, it’s THAT bad. I’m not just the kind of unorganized that misplaces things once in a while. I’m the kind of unorganized that will spend hours locating files because I don’t appropriately label them on import and well……….. yadda, yadda, yadda!

SO, my clients, knowing this about me, STILL come back and I couldn’t feel more honored or supported. I mean, excellent customer service is hard enough to find these days so it surprises me when I take 3 times longer than expected to finish a gallery and the clients still refer all of their friends! humbling for sure.

So, you might be asking yourself “Why is she admitting to all of this? Isn’t this bad for business? What is she thinking?” The answer is, I’m admitting it because I know it’s a problem and my clients deserve better turn around time, my family deserves more of me, and frankly I’m sick of trying to manage my files… it’s not the actual work that’s the problem you know. So, what’s the answer?

Answer: Surrounding myself with people who possess strengths in the areas I’m weak. I currently have one person (WHO I ADORE btw) working with me and her name is Lauren. She started as a senior rep referred by my cousin and she has become not just a part of the DZP team but she has become part of our family! We love her. She helps me stay on task, even if it is just literally sitting in the room keeping me company and timing me per session……. LOL! Seriously, this has happened! She LOVES to clean (weird!), and she loves my kids, I couldn’t ask for more!

Annie- Yes, gorgeous red head in the blizzard pictures! LOL Everywhere we go people recognize her right away, it’s so funny! AND she deserves every bit of the attention. She is an amazing person, so giving and compassionate! Her taste in clothes and style is so unique and I couldn’t be more blessed to have her as part of the DZP team as well! Oh, did I mention she’s a junior in high school?! Again, she’s a part of our family and it’s always a good day when Annie’s around!

Rick: aka Annie’s Dad LOL! He second shoots weddings with me and we have a BLAST! His composition and vision offers a whole new perspective to the DZP product. I think it’s important at a wedding to get another photographer’s perspective, and I love that I am working with a guy who is talented and excited about photography! LUCKY ME! (Did I mention his beautiful wife, Annette, is an interior designer and artist? Her furniture is GORGEOUS!) Check her out on

Gisselle: The Makeup Artist. One word: WOW!  Everyone loves Gisselle and her art of enhancing beauty. She is the most reliable person I have ever worked with, she meets me on location at 5:30am for sunrise shots and puts up with my spontaneous schedule changes! I absolutely love her and look forward to all of the work we have envisioned.

Brad Otto: Helps me with patience (I think anyway LOL) when I have computer issues. I cannot tell a lie, I have like 35 TB of hard drive space, he makes sure I back up a million times over! I appreciate all of his help.

AND, of course my family, my Mom and Dad and my Aunt Amy and cousin Madeline who help me with the kiddos while I’m shooting/editing.

SO, now for the pics for today! This is the beautiful Katarina! I love her style and her sweet personality! Not to mention her awesome hair!

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