Meet Little Miss Leah! 10 Days. It was so refreshing to have a newborn session again because I’ve spent almost the entire summer shooting high school senior session. I’ve missed getting my baby fix in! Well, I have quite a few newborn sessions on the books so I know I won’t go through any more dry spells with newborns!

This bonnet is out of control adorable and I love this session because it’s a good blend of natural, almost studio-ish, but more lifestyle feel to it. Enjoy Little Miss Leah!

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This adorable family contacted me to capture just a few exciting times in their lives. They’re pregnant with their second baby and wanted maternity pictures done. They also wanted to book the newborn session and get pictures of their 1 year old taken! WOW! That’s a BUSY family 🙂 I’m so glad they chose me as their photographer and I look forward to meeting baby later this summer!

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Alexa – Port Washington

Alexa and Emily came as a referral from my cousin, Frank, who goes to Port Washington. I was so excited to meet the both of them because I knew right away we were going to have a TON of fun! Alexa has such a classic beauty and I love that she likes to keep it simple, yet there’s nothing simple about her beauty…. inside and out! Emily was so much fun and full of energy! She currently holds the title of “most interesting” pictures I’ve ever taken! (and yes, they will show up someday! LOL) Her prom dress pictures are stunning and currently one of my favorites!

After their consultation I knew they would be a great fit as reps for DZP! Thank you Alexa and Emily for repping for me!!!!!

Emily, Port Washington

Ana, Slinger

I am so happy that Ana contacted me to apply as a REP for Slinger HS. I think I told her like 5 times that it shocked me how striking she is in-camera because she can turn it on during the shoot and look like she belongs on the runway and 30 seconds later she’s acting like the free spirited HS Senior! We’ve had several shoots to accommodate her many talents! I have had a great time getting to know Ana and her family!

Jodi, Slinger

Jodi was also selected a REP from Slinger HS. I LOVE horses so it was awesome to spend the day with her, her family, and her horse, Sahara. There are so many beautiful images from this one session, YES, only 1 session so far (1 more in the works). We drove around small town WI finding run down barns and beautiful fields. Would you believe there was even a rainbow?! Jodi is genuine,sweet, and hard working and I’m proud to have her as a rep!


Trevor, St. Francis

Well, I’ve only met Trevor and his family once and very briefly. We did a mini, mini, mini session for his rep cards and will do his actual shoot sometime in July. I look forward to working with him and meeting more of his classmates from St. Francis HS!

Max, Kewaksum

I cannot tell a lie, Max is my cousin and who wouldn’t brag about that?! I could say embarrassing things about him but since he’s a guy I’ll pass on the mush and just say anyone would be lucky to have Max as a friend! I’m so glad I got to spend some time with him getting to know him a little better (slight age gap there… LOL).

Lauren, Kewaskum

Lauren, what can I say?! I am SO happy that Max brought her to REP for DZP! She is wise beyond her years, a ton of fun to be with, and so beautiful!!!!! Regardless of what she says we did NOT, I repeat did NOT, find a dead cat and continue shooting (*shrug*). We also did NOT end up on a street in the city with a guy in furry boots complimenting our set…….. yeah, anyway! Too much fun!

Alissa, Milwaukee Lutheran

I’ve had the pleasure of being the photographer for other family members of Alissa, which is how she came to me. Alissa reminds me SO much of myself in high school. She’s an athlete and she’s outgoing and willing to try new things! WE FROZE (literally, as in we were COLD) during her session so I get the pleasure of doing another shoot with her this week actually! I can’t wait to have another session with her, I know she’ll be stunning and we’ll have a lot of fun! Thank you Alissa for being a rep for me!!!!

Bri, Germantown

I actually approached Bri to REP for me. She was a server for me and my kids at a local restaurant and I asked her to REP and she said YES! Good thing for me she didn’t look at me cross-eyed and brush me off. I love her energy and she’s adorable! She was also present for the “Freezing Session” so we’re planning another shoot. 🙂

Melissa, Germantown

I’ve had the least amount of time spent with Melissa because she could only come for a portion of the “Freezing Session”. She definitely turns it on in front of the camera and gave that confident sassy look that fit the environment so well! I look forward to having another session with Melissa in the near future! Thank you for bring a REP for DZP!

To book your session with Danah Zoulek Photography please contact me at: 262-347-4580 or my cell: 262-720-8570   or e-mail me at:



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